RIT Men’s Hockey Team Fighting School on Season Cancelation

I just wrote a blog about how RIT has cancelled their winter sports. Well the men’s hockey team in fighting against that. Jake Hamacher, who is a senior at RIT and #14 the team, posted a statement from the team on his twitter account (see tweet above). The statement talks about how RIT is expanding in person classes so it’s unfair to completely block their season. He also says they’ve asked to meet with the school president, David Munson, to talk about saving at least some of their season.

I am wondering if the women’s team will be joining them (see the gif I made above). I kinda kicked them while they were down earlier (sorry) but the same rules apply here. Those players have something to fight for and without this season, they lose that. I hope they do join forces and fight this but for now, it seems to be just the guys.

Wanna know what, power to them. A lot of these kids have been working their ass off to maybe get scholarships or play pro and without this season they can lose that chance. Some kids could rely on playing to even stay at that school. Regardless, these athletes want to find a way to save their seasons. I think if they can find a solution to keep players and staff safe, than they should be allowed to have their season.

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