Dear Jim Nill, Please Sign Roope Soon

Jim Nill, I know I address you a lot on this site but please, for my sanity, do the thing.

The Stars announced the other day that both Tyler Seguin and Ben Bishop will be missing time after undergoing surgery to repair some injuries sustained in the Bubble. Both Seguin and Bishop will likely miss the start of next season as the recovery time puts them at mid-April.

Should Nill place both Seguin and Bishop on the LTIR, that will open up some more cap space for the Stars to sign young gun Roope Hintz. The Stars already have $3,407,969 (haha nice) in cap space right now. He’s the remaining RFA for the team.

Hintz has played in 2 seasons with a total of 118 NHL games with 55 points with 28 of those goals and 27 assists. He was clutch in the playoffs and having him back in Dallas would be spectacular. Hintz is just 23 (almost 24), maybe a 2 or 3 year deal with a $2mill to $3mill AAV would work well for both him and the Stars.

So Nill, get it together and Hintz, sign the line please.

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Featured Image: Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images

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