Take a Sec and Astral Project with Me

(No, I’m not high.)

Honestly, I’ve been on edge all week day. It’s a mix of general election anxiety and the overall anxiety that I’m wasting my life (it do be that way somedays) so I have been coping via YouTube. And here is how.

These videos of songs -that are slowed down with heavy reverb but the titles are absolutely bananas- are currently what’s keeping me going.

I mean look at the song above. It’s “When We’re High” by LP but now you can just picture laying on the floor of an opium den in France at the end of the 19th century. Specific? Yes. A dream? It is now. So instead of obsessively refreshing Twitter, take a breather, just stare at your ceiling, throw this one on the headphones, and just imagine you’re wearing one of those old timey suits. I also dedicated this one to Oregon, who has decriminalized the possession of all drugs.

This video is far from all. There is probably one for every emotion, situation, and song. Wanna teleport back to high school where you’re having a gay panic in the bathroom at a party? Boom, here ya go.

Wanna bop to Lana Del Ray like you’re outside a strip club, waiting out there for your sleazy boyfriend who is probably cheating on you with a stripper? Basically, wanna feel like Lana Del Ray? Here ya go.

Feeling like living through that one scene in Medici when Lorenzo and Giuliano get lit up with swords in church? I got two of those right here. Bam. Boom.

This one needs no introduction.

Wanna just be fucking sad? Here.

Lord knows I’m stressed to the gills with shit I can’t control so I am turning to my favorite form of escapism: creating a fantasy world in my head and just hoping for the best. Join me.

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