Start Your Week by Taking a Breather

The next few days are going to be some stressful ones, especially if you’re American. I’m already stressed out which has resulted in me being a lazy sack of shit all day so let’s take a breather.

Let’s hop off Twitter for an hour, ignore what madness is trending and just fucking breath. It’s a new month, a fresh start, just take a breath and accept that there’s a whole new set of 30-days to make things better. October is over and we have like 60-something days left in 2020. Is the world gonna be very different by that time? You bet your ass it is but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A lot happens in 60 days and good things can be coming.

So let’s take a breather. We all need that some days. Go for a drive, take in nature. Remember that there is a whole wide world out there.

And if you still need a boost – here is a hockey highlight reel that really settles my brain. Just throw your phone on Do Not Disturb and enjoy the sexy plays of Nathan MacKinnon.

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Featured Image: Gfycat

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