I Absolutely LOVE The Stars New Alternative Jerseys

Say what you will about Dallas’ new alternative jerseys – they’re trash, they look like a monster can, whatever– I am so excited to see these bad boys in action.

I love flashy clothes BUT I also like wearing darker coloured ones (I’m very pale). Like Taylor Hall’s sequin red suit, Evgeni Malkin’s entire closet, but also just black jeans and a black sweater. It’s both sides of my wardrobe in one. It was made for me.

The promo photos by the Stars make them look a lot more green then they seem to be. Below is a picture of them in a store in Dallas.

So everyone can keep shitting on them but when it’s time to drop the puck, these are gonna look dope as shit flying around the ice. Also my birthday is November 17th if anyone is feeling generous.

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Featured Image: Dallas Stars Twitter

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