Imagine It: The NWHL In Chicago – Sounds Like Heaven

I wrote a while back about why the NWHL should start a team in Chicago and now it seems there is a viable team that could be the basis of said team. The Chicago Sun Times did a piece (above) about the Chicago North Stars, a pro-women’s hockey team that one day hopes to be a part of the league. The team is playing against local men’s teams but they’re looking for more women’s teams to play against. I suggest reading the article that’s linked in the tweet above. It’s really interesting.

I wish there were more teams around here for them to build upon. I would be on the MOON if Chicago got a league team. Chicago came out in herds for the Dream Gap Tour last year, a team in the NWHL would do well here. Plus, I would LOVE to have a team right here rather than 6 hours north in Minnesota. If this teams ever plays around the city, you bet your ass I’m gonna go there and support them. They sadly don’t have a website but you can follow and support the team on Instagram @ChicagoNorthStarsHockey or the team’s president, Ali Lawrence, on Twitter.

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Featured Image: Victor Hilitski/For the Sun-Times

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