Women’s Hockey: Build It Because They’re Already Here

The replies to this did not pass the vibe check.

We know, we know, you hate your mommy so whenever women want to be treated equally you have to make a scene to try and make up for the lack of attention she gave you. Seriously, seek therapy bro, it’s just embarrassing at this point. Just because you made it past your high school bench and onto a beer league doesn’t mean you deserve to be paid. Plus no shit your beer league isn’t paid, you suck.

These women have won Olympic medals, some are Hall of Fame status, they’ve competed at the highest level available- they deserve to be paid a living wage while playing in a league that they have confidence in.

I’m sick of people saying “no one wants to watch women’s hockey” because you’re dead fuckin wrong. I’ve been to the games, I’ve seen the masses of people – all ages from around the country- who would love to see the NWHL or PWHPA on TV and in cities around the continent. I’ve watched the NWHL absolutely flourish this year, way beyond where I thought they were going to go. So you can take that “no one” and shove it.

Hell, I’ve been covering women’s hockey for almost 2 years, you can read my blogs here and learn about the two leagues battling it out. It costs nothing to educate yourself on what these women have gone through.

The highest paid salary in the NWHL from 2018-2019 was $15,000 while the NHL’s minimum salary in 2020-2021 is $700,000. Most kids who sign a NHL ELC haven’t won an Olympic medal meanwhile most women hockey players in North America have. It’s incredibly infuriating.

Putting these women on a big stage will only do good things for hockey, why are you so upset that they want to be paid fairly? Once again, I grew up around this sport and I’ve been writing about it for years, I want to help put these women on the center stage and help them create a stable league because I know that there is a huge market for them. This isn’t “If you buid it, they will come”, this is a “build it because there are already people here who want to play and watch this game”. If you are some sad old fuck that thinks no one cares about this league then you should open your eyes.

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