Big Shock: Flames Sign Another Ex-Canuck

The Calgary Flames have signed yet another player who not so long ago belonged to the Vancouver Canucks. Since free agency began, the Calgary Flames have signed a few players that were key parts to the Vancouver Canucks’ lockerroom. Chris Tanev, Jacob Markstrom, and now Josh Leivo have now hopped ship over to the Flames.

Tanev, a 30-year-old defenseman, signed with the Flames for 4 years at $4.5 mill after putting up 7 points in 17 games in the bubble. Then, 30-year-old goalie Markstrom took $6 mill for 6 years from the Flames. Markstrom was injured for a chunk of the bubble so the Canucks were a bit confident in letting him knowing his backup Thatcher Demko could do well in his place. Lastly, just earlier today, Josh Leivo, a 27-year-old winger, signed in Calgray for $875,000 on a one year deal. Leivo was injured so he hasn’t played since December.

The Canucks lost some key members to free agency and it’s crazy that a few have just been swept up by the Flames this quick. They even got Louis Dominque on a $700,000 deal, while not too long ago he was baking pies for the enemy. That is the pure beauty of the NHL though. One minute you’re baking pies for Anitone Rousell and the next you’re across Alberta waiting to face him in a game. The Canucks roster is going to be a sight to see compared to last year but the games are not over yet so let’s see how this keeps going.

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Featured Image: Sportsnet

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