Start Your Weekend Early with Elias Pettersson Highlights

Happy Friday y’all – I have something to own up to. I had beef with Elias Pettersson but I have made the executive decision to absolve that beef due to the fact that this kid is insane. (He’s also pretty funny.) It’s a slow moving Friday so I’ve been rolling through Canucks highlights one after another and I just have to share.

First of all – HOLY SHIT!

That whole goal is just pure insanity. How you can think that far ahead on a chance play and then have it WORK?! Petey talked a little in this interview about it and how he’d tried it before but it never worked until now. Basically, I could add every single goal with Pettersson and Brock Boeser on here because they’re all phenomenal but we’d be here for weeks.

Next up, here’s highlights from this year alone with the Canucks.

The reason why I’ve been so into the Canucks recently is because of the sheer talent their young guys, like Elias Pettersson, posses. He’s such a joy to watch, he’s always creating and blowing the competition out of the water – I could seriously sit and watch these all day. So I hereby absolve my beef and remove Petey from my vendetta list. To close this out, please watch this video too – it’s a good one.

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Featured Image: Sportsnet

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