FANTASTIC NEWS FOR THE PWHPA: Secret Pledges $1 MILLION DOLLARS to the Growth of Women’s Hockey

Secret Deodorant has sponsored a whopping $1 MILLION to the growth of women’s hockey. I know I say it a lot but this is MONSTROUS for women’s hockey.

According to Emily Kaplan, this is the most a corporation has committed to pro women’s hockey in North America. This money is going to go towards even more growth to the women’s game. It’ll pay for more games, more Dream Gap Tour stops, even more people – whether that’s little kids or grown adults- being exposed to the game.

That is fan-fucking-tastic!

I’ve brought up quite a few times how this year has been big for women’s hockey and this might be one of the biggest things yet. Women’s hockey is constantly handicapped by the lack of funding it receives – we see this in the youth game and even in the Pro’s (See: CWHL). This money is going to change things for the PWHPA, immensely.

Secret senior brand director Lisa Reid said it well:

“As a brand committed to empowering and emboldening women, we can’t stand by and see gender equality unravel. Secret proudly stands with the PWHPA and its players to fight for a new professional league to ensure all players — regardless of gender — are given the same chance and support to play. …Countless women are being told they don’t deserve the same opportunities as men; tackling professional hockey equity is our first, but not last, fight. The PWHPA and its players represent the top athletes in the sport who deserve to have the same opportunities as the men.”

Secret Senior Brand Director Lisa Reid


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