The Blackhawks are OFFICIALLY in a Rebuild

Well, we’re officially in Hell, Chicago.

The Chicago Blackhawks have said, in a letter to the fans, that we are heading into a rebuild. This is the full letter to fans (Via Mark Lazerus):

We knew this was coming, even when Bowman was all secretive and acting like we had no idea. (Yeah, that “communicate openly” line seems BS already) We’ve seen it on the horizon for a while now and it still hurts like a bitch slap. After Crawford and Saad leaving, after Toews and the rest of the Core 4 being upset at Stan for not saying anything, after all the firings and shuffling around to string together this team and evidently losing, we knew this was coming.

But yes, I’d still like to launch Bowman out of office.

[Google: Can you start an NHL team Democracy?]

A fresh start doesn’t happen with him still here. He’s been a mess at the helm and it’s time to move on. I especially think this after the quotes that came from the Core 4 after the Crawford debacle. Sure, you don’t need to include your players in every single little thing you do, but when it’s the guys that you’ve built your legacy on, they deserve to be heard. Bowman apparently met with the leaders after that Athletic article but the damage was done by them.

I’ve got a lot in my head about this. The Hawks have been rebuilding quietly for a bit but now that this is official, if it’s one that takes a while, I don’t want players like Strome and DeBrincat going to waste here. I don’t want Dach’s prime years getting used up. This rebuild is going to fucking suck but the Blackhawks are still my #1 team so I’ll stick by them, thick and thin.

If we’re rebuilding though, do it right and chuck Stan.

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