The Nolan Patrick Revenge Tour Begins Next Season

Just the other day, Nolan Patrick re-signed with the Philadelphia Flyers on his qualifying offer for another year with the team. I’ve seen people on every side of the fence here but I’m gonna tell the haters to shove it because should he return this year, it’s gonna be the Nolan Patrick Revenge Tour.

If you don’t know, Nolan missed this season dealing with migraines – which as someone who gets them, that fucking sucks – and we haven’t had an official update on him really since the bubble. BUT he has been working out and playing some games so that’s a great sign.

Before missing out, he played his first 2 seasons in the NHL with a total of 61 points (26G 35A) in 145 games played. When he’s on, he’s an absolute stunner and I refuse to accept any slander about him.

Maybe it’s because his draft was the first one I ever watched or the fact that for some reason queer women just love him (seriously, what dark magic does he have that makes us drawn to/protective over him???), regardless he’s one of my favorite players in the league, I love watching him play, and I absolutely believe that should he come back this season, he’s gonna do phenomenal. So, hopefully, January 1st the Nolan Patrick Revenge Tour begins and I’m gonna be right on board cheering for him to kick ass!

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