Start Your Week With a Kendall Coyne Being A Bad-Ass

Happy Monday everyone!

This weekend, the hockey world celebrated women/girl’s hockey and the growth of the game. Many NHL teams actually stepped up and hosted webinars with various women’s hockey players to talk about the game. The Islanders blew everyone out of the water and had a carousel of players from various teams and leagues, including Alex Rigsby (Cavallini) and Shannon Doyle of the NWHL.

Of course being a Chicagoan and living right down the road from Palos Heights, I was thrilled the Blackhawks hosted a little interview with Kendall Coyne Schofield before airing a watch party of “As Fast As Her” (Above), which I’ve talked about on here before.

Kendall Coyne is so bad-ass and she’s done so much for the women’s game. I watched the video this morning, I get chills just watching her talk and be so passionate about the future. Re-watching that lap at the All-Star game (below) brought me to tears. So start your week off right with one of the most inspiring women of our time!

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