I’m Officially Hopping on the Vanke Rays Bandwagon, You Should Too

First and foremost, why the hell did no one tell me there was women’s hockey playing in Russia? I’ve been dying without any hockey on and all along there’s been games happening over there? Malarkey. I don’t understand football, I don’t care for the teams in the World Series- it’s been rough but alas, an oasis in this wasteland.

I found out via Twitter that the ZhHL, Russia’s women’s hockey league, is still playing and the games are live on YouTube. Boyaaaah, let’s go.

The Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays are currently demolishing the MSMO 7.62 (yes, that’s the name) with a score of 10-1 in the 3rd. This is the second day in a row that the Vanke Rays have beat the 7.62 by a safe 7 goals. Just yesterday, they finished with a 1-8 score in favor of the Vanke Rays.

Last season, after the CWHL folded, the Vanke Rays’ (based in China) joined the ZhHL (based in Russia). They absolutely crushed it their first season and won the title. This is just the 2nd game in the Vanke Rays’ season but they’ve already had 18 goals for and just 2 against so I’d say they have a good bet to win 2 titles in a row. They have a number of superstars there including Megan Bozek and Alex Carpenter from the USA Women’s Hockey Team.

Trying to find information on the Rays’, or the whole ZhHL for that matter, is a bit difficult but I have found this site that keeps a live score so if you want to follow along you can here. If anyone has reliable sites please send them my way. You can watch their games live here.

For now, let’s go Rays!

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