Here is Why Erika Nardini Would Be Good With The NWHL

Alright, buckle up, kids.

I’ve been contemplating writing this one since the news came out 4 days ago that the NWHL is changing how they operate. I was thinking “wanna know what, I tweeted it out before so I’ll just leave it there.” I figured it was self explanatory, guess not.

But someone, who I’ve had muted on Twitter for months, has pushed me to it. I don’t click the “see more replies” for a reason and this is one. When I mute you, I don’t care for your content. I muted someone who was a Blues fan (unfollowed evidently) so then when they replied to me after I said “hell yeah” to the Chiclets account tweeting “#NardiniToNWHL”, I didn’t read it until a graphic with said reply went up today. I thought it was fucking hilarious that it made that graphic so I quote tweeted it. Well, they are still complaining in my replies so here is your response that couldn’t fit into a tweet:

I think Erika Nardini would be fucking spectacular with the NWHL.

This isn’t even about Barstool. This is about Erika Nardini.

Erika Nardini is a powerful CEO, who has grown the company she’s leading into the multimedia superstorm it is today. Without her drive and perseverance, they wouldn’t be what they are. She was someone who fought her way to the top and has changed a lot of lives because of it. That drive is exactly what the NWHL needs to fight for change. Nardini is someone who will make people sit down and listen, she can get sponsors, she can get deals done – it’s what she’s been doing since the day she became a CEO.

You want to see this league grow? You want more eyes on you? A woman who is the CEO of a company that has gained more traction since she took the reins is exactly what the league needs.

Erika Nardini will do that. She has done that.

Not to mention that she actually gives a fuck about women’s hockey. You want some wealthy person, that doesn’t understand what these women have gone through, at the table? I want Nardini in because she gets what these ladies have gone through and she genuinely cares about growing the game.

She was just elected to the WWE’s Board of Directors and there is a reason for that. Having her on your side is a game changer. Everyone seems to just fucking complain that women’s sports doesn’t get enough coverage and when it comes along that there is someone who can help do that, they just scream about it.

No matter what I say, it won’t change that person’s mind- that’s why I never read those “see more replies” because it’s not worth my time or brain space. The second someone touches anything people don’t like, they’re “canceled” or whatever. Well that’s fucking toxic so I don’t agree there.

So I guess apologies to the person I muted (I’m not putting your name or tweet here) that I didn’t see your tweet and I found it funny you made it on that graphic? I still think it’s funny but you still missed the point to my tweet so let me sum it up again:

Like Barstool or hate it, it doesn’t change the fact that the NWHL having Erika Nardini on their side would change the league for the better.

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