Your Daily Reminder that Brianna Decker is ELITE

I noticed this tweet for Kelly Babstock being one away from catching Brianna Decker until I realized that Decker was in a league of her own.

That count doesn’t even include Decker’s post-season numbers. In just 2 seasons with the NWHL she put up a total of 74 points (34G 40A) in 39 games! Those are insane numbers by anyone’s standards. Brianna Decker proves time and time again that she’s one of the most elite hockey players of our generation.

Remember when she beat Draisaitl in the 2019 Passing Challenge? Elite!

She’s got:

  • 1 Olympic gold
  • 1 Olympic silver
  • 6 World Champ golds
  • 1 Would Champ silver
  • 1 U-18 World Champ gold
  • 2 Clarkson Cups
  • 1 NCAA title
  • 1 Isobel Cup


One time, she walked past me at the Chicago Dream Gap Tour and I nearly passed out. Elite.

Proof: Screenshots from my family group chat.

Is it a surprise that I have spelling errors in my texts? Nope. Life is too short to spell check my texts.

Decker has been with the PWHPA since it was formed so I have no current stats for you but she never disappoints. When you bring up elites in the current ear of hockey players, she better be one of the first names out of your mouth. Even when Babstock and Kaleigh Fratkin catch her, she’ll still be one of the best that league has ever seen.

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Featured Image: Harry How/Getty Images

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