Joe Thornton Is A Maple Leaf


Joe Thornton has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs on a one year, $700,000 deal. He seems to think the Leafs are his best bet to the Cup, can’t say I agree. Toronto is good – no denying that- but they aren’t consistent enough to make it deep into playoffs. Maybe this season they can make it past the first round but to quickly flip to a Cup winning team, I don’t think they can.

Maybe things change now that they’ve made some changes. I mean with two vets like Jumbo and Jason Spezza, you want to win for them. Things could change, especially if we have a weird season, but I still don’t think Toronto could find the consistence all of a sudden to win it all.

This will be Thornton’s 23rd season in the NHL. He’s got 420 goals (nice) and 1,089 assists for 1509 points in 1,636 NHL games. And after all that time, he’s still Cup-less. Same with his draft buddy Patrick Marleau.

Crazy that Marleau signed back with San Jose then Thornton decided to head out of there and up to Toronto. I think Marleau was like “yeah, go babysit the idiots up there for me” and off Thornton went. I do want Joe Thornton to win a Cup before he retires when he’s like 60 but I don’t know if Toronto is the way to go. But then again after the Blues won it in that fashion AND Tampa won this season (bullshit, still mad) after losing in the first round last year- ya never know.

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Featured Image:  Brandon Magnus/NHLI via Getty Images

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