Congrats to Meghan Duggan on a Kick-Ass Career

Captain America is officially hanging up the skates after a first ballot Hall of Fame Career. Meghan Duggan announced in an article with ESPN that she is retiring from hockey after 14 years leading Team USA.

Emily Kaplan wrote this piece with ESPN that has quotes from some of Duggan’s closest teammates and I highly recommend reading that.

Meghan Duggan has won just about every award you can dream of. She has one iconic Olympic gold, 2 Olympic silvers, 7 World Championship goals, 1 silver there, 1 Clarkson Cup, and 3 NCAA titles. Overall, 137 games played representing the red, white, and blue with 75 points (40G 35A).

But if we only remember Duggan for what she did on the ice than her fight for women’s equality in sports would have been for nothing.

She was one of the key factors in getting USA Hockey to get their shit together and give the women’s and girls team equal treatment to the men’s. In 2017, Duggan and her teammates took a stand to the unfair treatment from USA Hockey and told ’em to shove it. She not only helped her teammates, but she help secured the pathway for thousands of female hockey players who come after her. She’s changed the world of hockey as we know it.

This woman is an American hero and I better see her in the Hockey Hall of Fame or so help me God(s), I’mma come in swinging, Bettman.

Congrats on the amazing career, Meghan Duggan! Thank you for growing the game!

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