Pietrangelo Picks Las Vegas

The biggest player of this free agency is off the board.

Alex Pietrangelo played in 70 games last season with 52 points (16G 36A). He’s leaving the Blues organization after 12 seasons with them.

Vegas is now on a cap crunch so the rumor of Nate Schmidt being traded have gotta be true. I think they’ll also be moving Marc-Andre Fleury at some point but I have no idea where to. Because Pietrangelo was most likely signed after 5PM ET, the team won’t be penalized for going over the cap limit. Tomorrow morning though, we’ll be hearing about Schmidt’s trade I presume.

If you know anything about me, then you know I don’t like the Blues at all (I’m a Chicagoan) and I especially don’t like Pietrangelo so having him as far away from my city as possible is a bonus for me. There are still big boys on the UFA board, the trades and heartbreak is far from done.

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