Expect the Unexpected When it Come to NHL Free Agency

Buffalo?? Really Taylor??

This free agency has been a mess from start to (near) finish and I never know what’s gonna happen next. Within a weekend, we saw Henrik Lunqvist leave the team he’s been with for a decade, multiple goalies switching spots, Torey Krug left the Boston Bruins, the Blackhawks need to fire Stan (I haven’t even blogged about that shit yet), and now, Taylor Hall is abandoning hope and just shipping up to Buffalo for a season.

What is going on?

Whenever you think you know what’s gonna happen, some hockey himbo says “sike mothafucka” and signs with a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 9 years. Maybe he’s trying to help Jack Eichel escape and there is all some master plan but for now, I’m baffled.

Last season, Hall played 65 games between New Jersey and Arizona. He put up 16 goals and 35 assists for 52 points. Buffalo is getting one of the biggest free agents of this year. How? The Sabres were 30-31-8 this last season, they didn’t even make it to the extended playoffs. I am excited to see how he ends up changing this team but boy was this a curveball. This is why I don’t trust men, they say they wanna win and then they sign an $8 million dollar deal with a dumpster fire. SMH

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