Head Into The Weekend With The Only Song That Makes You Feel Like You Exist

Is that too harsh of a title?? I’m constantly having an existential crisis so that’s the only way I think I can word it.


This song is apparently at least 7 years only but I just heard it for the first time 2 months ago and let me tell you that it’s a bop.

Imagine this: Driving 60 in a 45, windows down, and it’s chilly but not too cold. It’s just about midnight and you have 0 cares in the world. You’re cruising along wearing a Halloween costume cowboy hat and drinking a McDonald’s ice coffee as this song hums over the speakers. I won’t say the music is blaring because that tends to be obnoxiously loud but the song is loud enough that it doesn’t get lost in the wind. Everything is comin together in life, as it should, and you’re just cruising reflecting back on some good memories.

Imagine that while listening to this song and you’ll feel like the main character.

That scenario is all hypothetical, of course, I don’t speed.

On a completely random, unrelated note, did y’all see my new cowboy hat?

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Featured Image: Tenor

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