Wake Up With Jake Boltmann (and His Teammates) Finding Out He Was Drafted By the Calgary Flames

There is it. The video that killed me. We all need a boost on this Almost-Friday morning so please enjoy one of my favorite things about the NHL draft.

Jake Boltmann, a defenseman with the Lincoln Stars in the USHL, was drafted 80th Overall by the Calgary Flames today and the video above is from the moment he found out. He looks a little confused but his teammates definitely get the message to him. All of the guys on the ice go over and swarm him with big hugs, hopefully not injuring anything in the process.

It reminded me a lot of when Alex Newhook was taken 16th overall last year and all his buddies were at the draft in his old jerseys.

Ya love to see people achieve one of their dreams and when their friends are right there with them, it makes that all the better.

Congrats to Boltmann and all the other draftees from this year’s draft. May the Cup Odds be ever in your favor.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from the video

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