David Poile Woke Up Feeling Chaotic Today

Nashville is planning something big, I can feel it in my bones. Very sus.

It’s not even noon and the Preds have been all over the board making moves. First, they sent Nick Bonino up the Minnesota with a 2020 2nd and 3rd round pick while in return, they’re getting Luke Kunin’s RFA signing rights (forward) and a 4th round pick. Not long after that, Polie went and bought out Kyle Turris and Steven Santini.

Definetly didn’t think Nashville would be dropping Turris but with him affecting the Cap Hit for the next 8 YEARS, it’ll be like he never even left.

On the flip side, with both buyouts applied, the Preds just cleared up about $5 million in cap space in barely an hour. Effective.

Now David Polie has done this all while the 2nd Round of the 2020 NHL Draft is going down (Preds just picked Luke Evangelista 42nd overall). Running a hockey team is like running a tight Pirate ship – constantly moving, mind in a million different places. After the Preds lost again in the first round and are a team that is continually in Playoff Purgatory, for basically their whole existence now, massive change needs happen to have growth.

As a Chicagoan, I don’t gave a single fuck about the Preds, sucks to suck. But as a lover of absolute chaos, this is exxxcellent.

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Featured Image: NHL.com

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