Round One of the NHL Draft is Complete and Here are the Highlights

Okay, I know I said the other day that I was going to study who was going to be drafted and where but guess what, I’m a busy bee and it completely slipped my mind so I will be surprised as you are with whose drafted today.

Check here for who I thought would be the first 3 picks.

I do have to say that I love how the NHL sent every draftee a hat and jersey for every team they could get drafted to. I do have one question – what are they gonna do with the other 30+ hats? Is the NHL making them send it back? Do the draftees get to keep them? Auto Christmas present for your friends – “here is a Habs hat, I know you like them.”

Alexis Lafreniere went first, as expected. Great pick for the Rangers.

Quinton Byfield went 2nd Overall. I fucking love this kid, he’s fantastic. Maybe I’ll start giving a shit about the young kids in LA because they’ve got Alex Turcotte and Quinton Byfield and I wanted Chicago to somehow get both of them.

3rd Overall, the Ottawa Senators took Tom Stutzle, a left winger from Mannheim, but I do have to say that Alex Trebek stole the show with the pick selection.

Now to avoid getting way to long winded here, I’m going to bullet point all the picks selected:

Of course what really sets this draft apart is the numerous connection errors and delays throughout the entire thing. Love to see it.

I also love what the Leafs did specifically because it looks like an awkward Ransom video. Why is Morgan like 20 feet away from Mitch? Plus, he looks like he’s in charge of holding the newspaper that proves today’s date.

Last but not least, when Doug Wilson Jr. signed Ozzy Wiesblatt’s name to the camera – that was the best part of the whole draft. See Ozzy’s mother is deaf and SportsNet recently did a video about the struggles his family has faced over the years. So to see Doug Wilson Jr. take the time to sign Ozzy’s name so his mother could see, it made me tear up.

That felt like the longest 3(?) hours of my life. Overall some great action today for the NHL but it is far from over. Free agency starts Saturday so be prepared for the chaos and pain. I know I’m not. [Nervous Laughter] Busy off season NHL fans so follow Ham Sports for more chaotic commentary.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from the Draft

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