Yotes Shopping Hall and Losing OEL – Happy Monday

Happy Monday, rough day to be a Yotes fan.

We’re starting this morning off a strong cup of (Irish) coffee and BIG Yotes news. Looks like you’re gonna be losing your captain and one of your star players. Sorry pals.

There has been a lot of talk lately about how Oliver Ekman-Larsson is most likely going to be leaving Arizona. This blog by Elliott Friedman and Chris Johnston is saying that OEL is leaning closer to Vancouver or Boston. Personally, I’d like him to go to Vancouver – could you imagine that? OEL has been with the Yotes for 10 years and put together 364 points (125G 239A) in 723 NHL games. It’s only 10:30AM and the NHL has been all gas, no breaks so this could happen later today and I wouldn’t be surprised.

As for Taylor Hall, he seems to be sniffing around the league for a short term contract. That makes sense for Hall, he chases success, he’s moved around a bit before to try and find it so I am not the least bit surprised that he’s looking around the league. Hall becomes a UFA on Friday so he’ll officially be able to listen to teams’ offers then but he’s gotta have an idea in mind for where he wants to go.

The Avalanche were a big name when Hall was on the trading block last season so I could see him heading over there. They have a great chance to win the Cup and they have a lot of cap space to fit him in.

Overall, this week has been July without the humid swamp ass weather. I’d say win-win but the stress is not fun. By Saturday, I suspect we’ll see Hall and OEL out of Arizona and up North. Make sure to turn on Pierre LeBrun’s Twitter notifications or you’re gonna get lost in the sauce.

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