Two Days To The 2020 NHL Entry Draft and It’s Time to Cram Like It’s the SATs

The NHL’s PR account tweeted how it’s only 48 hours to the 2020 Draft and my brain short circuited.

48 hours?? Two days??? Since when? My days have blurred together since the Stars lost so I guess the arrow of time is sprinting forward and we’re already almost at the NHL 2020 Entry Draft. I can, will a full chest, say that I am completely unprepared. Usually, I’m studying teams, seeing where they’ll need what, seeing who they can get BUT with the season being wack and the regular season being ages ago, I am throwing pasta at the wall and hoping it’s cooked, ya know?

Maybe I’ll just watch the draft with 0 studying and be presently surprised the entire time. HAHA! Nah, I’m too much of a control freak and know-it-all for that. I like to be well prepared so dear readers I am going to prepare for this one like I prepared for my SAT – studying everything less that 2 days before and I’m riding this out on common sense and a shitty memory. Laugh at the plan all you want but I did fan-fucking-tastic on my SAT so history is gonna repeat itself.

I can’t cover 1-31 here tonight so let’s start with the Top 3 Picks.

1st Overall – New York Rangers

The Rangers are taking Alexis Lafreniere, there is no question about it. They’re absolute baboons if they pass up on Lafreniere. Don’t matter what they need, they have to take him while they have this chance. The Rangers are gonna be replacing Hank and whoever they lose to free agency but they should not draft anyone else here. Get Lafreniere, get him jelling with Kaapo Kakko (who the Rangers drafted 2nd least season), and set yourself up pretty for the next couple seasons.

Rangers, you have one objective: Don’t fuck this up.

2nd Overall: Los Angeles Kings

Last year, LA picked 5th and got centre Alex Turcotte; now, they’re going to be bumped up 3 picks to 2nd overall. The general consensus from my research has been that LA should go for Quinton Byfield, and I wholeheartedly agree. Within the next 3 seasons, the Kings will have all but 2 of their forwards going up on free agency, 5 as UFAs. Building some solid young forwards to slot in when you let older guys go is a great way to grow and build a team that can keep up with the NHL’s new speed. I definitely think they should go for Byfield. The kid put up 82 points in 45 games in the OHL this season. Even if he started next season in the NHL, he’ll make an instant difference for LA. Big boy, heavy hitter, great skater with amazing hands – would be great for LA.

3rd Overall: Ottawa Senators

This draft will be a big for the Sens future. They’ve got nothing but space. They’ve got $43.2 million in Cap space and have unloaded a few of their bigger contracts already. Only 3 of their forwards and 4 defensemen will not be having contract talks this “off-season”. They’re in a good position to rebuild, top down. I see the Sens having some good seasons on the horizon.

Not to mention, the Senators are absolutely loaded this draft. The team has 12 picks, 7 of which come in the first two rounds. For this 3rd overall pick, they should scoop a forward. I’m going on a further limb and saying Marco Rossi. This 5’9″, 185lbs centre has been outstanding this season. He put up 120 points in 56 games, he plays a fast game and has great puck control. Size doesn’t matter too much in this league when you’ve got talent like this so I think at 3rd overall, Ottawa should pick this kid.

This is gonna be like watching a Zoom Graduation but we’ll have to take what we get. I’ll post my final thoughts (after some frantic studying on my part) before the draft on Wednesday night so follow Ham Sports for more.

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