Welp, There Goes Chicago Baseball

Literally a tough day to be a Chicago baseball fan on both the North Side or the South Side. Yesterday the White Six were eliminated from the playoffs by the Oakland A’s. I was none too sad as I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life. Yet 24 hours later, I watched the Cubs get murked, point blank, by the Florida Marlins in a 2-0 ballgame at Wrigley.

Now it’s early October and I am without a baseball team to cheer for. Baseball isn’t like hockey for me- I only like one team and that’s the Cubs. I frankly don’t give enough of a fuck to keep watching the remainder of the playoffs unless I need to watch some sports. It just sucks that we’re getting into the nice fall weather, you can have the windows open, cozy under a blanket with a coffee, and I am without baseball and hockey. It’s a damn crime.

My only consultation is that the Cardinals, Sox, and Brewers are out too so haha sucks to suck. Now we still have the Bears and the Red Stars to cheer for but I sadly do not understand a lot of what’s happening there. Football rules go over my head most of the time and I only know run and score for soccer. Plus, baseball is an everyday game- you go weeks with a game everyday- but these two left have long stretches between them. Regardless, I will cheer on.

Good luck to the Red Stars. They’re currently 2nd in the NWSL with a 1-1-1 record. They play next on October 10th at 11:30AM CT and you can watch it for free on Twitch. The Bears are 3-0 so bear down, RIP Mitch’s future in Chicago (see, I’m learning). The Bears will play this Sunday at noon against the Colts. Good luck to them as well.

Sure, we still have some sports but it’s not the same, ya know. Autumn baseball hits different and now I am resolute to just staring at my ceiling and going days without sports. Goodbye to the sweet sounds of summer (Pat Hughes on the radio), I barely heard you this year.

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