Stars Fall In Game 6 But Fuck You, I am So Proud of Them

Yes I’m crying, are you surprised? I’m emotional and I love the Dallas Stars more than I love life itself. Is this the way I wanted this Cup run to end? No, obviously not, but I am so proud of this team and the shit they battled through this season – the past 2 seasons really.

The Dallas Stars are warriors, they fight adversity and win big. This loss tonight stings because I know they’re better than this, we all do, but after the season they had, it was bound to catch up with them.

Even in this Stanley Cup Final, the Stars had to fight injury, scoring droughts, you fuckin name it, the battled through it. Tomorrow, we’ll probably be seeing a list of what injuries they’ve been playing through and people are gonna see just how banged up the Stars were but nevertheless, they powered through. They forced a Game 6, beat the NHL top teams before that.

But at some point, you just can’t hold on.

Jamie Benn, apparently, got emotional in his interview and that really sent me. If you know anything about me than you know that Jamie Benn is my favorite player in the NHL. I’ve looked up to Benn for years- even when I was a team captain of my high school track team, I still studied what he did as a captain and I tried to mimic that. He’s a fantastic captain and I want him to win that Cup – he deserves it so much.

Seeing any of these guys hurt just makes it all suck so much more. They’re a team that has brought me so much happiness and I want them to have it right back. They deserve it.

I love this team with everything in me. I think next season, they are going to comeback hungrier then ever for the Cup and fuck the haters, I think they’ll do it. They’ve had a taste of the Cup and they’re gonna be ready to win it nest season. I want these boys to win a real Cup- not some bullshit Covid Cup – and they’re going to do it. They deserve it.

Congrats to the Dallas Stars on such a kickass season. Be proud of yourselves boys, you did fantastic. Next season, you’ll get them.

Now, we enter the off season though and it will not last long. The entry draft is one week from today and then the next season should be upon us. I’m going to look through their UFA/RFAs tomorrow and things like that but tonight, let’s just collectively heal after this roller coaster season.

Love you Stars, please don’t be too hard on yourselves.

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