We’re Not Going HOOOOME!


Game 5, double OT, the Dallas Stars had Corey Perry scoop in and get us the W. I could not take a single breath during this game – especially OT. I loved the level the Stars played at tonight. They were energetic, they were out there, they were being pests.

Let’s. Fucking. Go. Let’s get into the game.

Corey Perry has been electric this playoffs and tonight especially. He got us the 1st goal of the game, the only goal in the first period. I wanted us to hold that lead but Ondrej Palat got the Lightning tied in the 2nd. Plenty of back and forth here, but thankfully, IMO, we didn’t see a lot of special teams. Maybe the refs have finally realized that this is the Stanley Cup Final so let’s just let the boys play and we didn’t see a lot of stoppage in the first two periods. Now the 3rd is where all the stress comes in.

Mikhail Sergachev put the Lightning in the lead – absolutely heartbreaking here and what ensued was 10 minutes of agony, praying for a Stars goal. But alas- Joe Pavelski, Captain America, gets the game tied with 7 minutes remaining. That really shocks everyone’s system – we’re still alive, still fighting, it’s time to push on.

And push on we did.

Another 36 minutes of torture and screaming “MISS!” when the Lightning took a shot, and “SHOOT THE FUCKING PUCK” when the Stars tried to pass. 36 minutes until Corey Perry, the Worm, bookended the game and gave us a Game 6. We’re not going home. We’re not done. These are the mother fuckin Dallas Stars I know and love.

We’ll rest tomorrow, come back Monday ready to fight. The Dallas Stars have fought adversity since Day 1. Jamie Benn, my mf captain, has been fighting adversity since the before he was even drafted- and even then he was taken 129th overall. Look at him now. You name a Stars player and I’ll tell you the hell they’ve been through to get to this moment.

The Dallas Stars fight to the death so Monday, get ready to see it again. I believe in this team more than I’ve ever believed in anything. Plenty of teams have gone down 3-1 and come back. For example, as a Cubs fan, I saw the Cubs go down 3-1 in the World Series in 2016. It hurt and I was screaming every game but nevertheless, we precised and we fought. We won the title for the first time in 108 years. The Stars will do that here.

I’m so excited to sleep tomorrow and come back refreshed Monday. Be Loud. Wear Green. Go Stars!

I’ve also started to step away from my TV between periods and make a little video about it so follow me on Twitter to see more of those, people seem to like them so I’ll keep going.

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