Refs Are Busch League But Today Is A New Day

Forget any witty banter I had set up for this blog, forget all of that.

I’m so disheartened, so angry, so unbelievably frustrated that I can’t even find it in me to care about any of that. It’s been hours now and I was just going to go to sleep, try to relax – nope I can’t sleep. I’m still so annoyed with this being how this game played out that I have to write this down and them maybe I can get at least 3 hours of sleep.

The NHL needs to get their officiating together because at this point is it embarrassing to the entire league that they can’t make a right call for their lives. The refs in this series have been so biased towards Tampa that it has screwed over the Stars on more than one occasion. Tonight was the worse of it. Tonight these refs not knowing what tripping really fucking looks like cost Dallas the game.

Sure it could have been “well, we need to shoot more” or “well, the power play was a mess” because yes that’s all true but a OT power play on a call you shouldn’t have gotten drives hockey player’s clutch genes up all wall like a monkey on Ritalin.

That bullshit call cost Dallas the game. If this was game 4, I just might have set the planet on fire (more than it is) because that tipping point of it being called a penalty without it being one- would haunt me forever. If this was how Tampa won, I would have superglued that asterisk to the Cup myself. No matter how much Dallas shoots the puck, blocks shots, hits the power play – if they keep getting fucked over by the officials like this, the odds are stacked against them regardless and that’s not something they can control. It’s such fucking bullshit.

Even then, this officiating has been awful to both sides but it’s more often than not towards Dallas. The Embellishment call on Point I think was malarkey but the Roope Hintz trip going without a call and the Jamie Benn Debacle just goes to show how busch league this rules officiating can get and how it’s so unfair especially this late in a Cup run.

Regardless, the Stars let it go quickly after the game and I am following their lead on this one. John Klingberg is a lot smarter than I so I will listen to what he says here. We need to let it go and move on.

Now we’re onto Game 5 with the Lightning leading 3-1. I believe in Dallas. The Stars are my ride or die, I will forever be loyal to them. No one said they could get past the Avs, people said the same about the Golden Knights and look what they fuck they did. I’m proud of my boys and I want to see them go all the way. I think we’ll win tonight and I think we’ll keep it goin.

It’s a new day. It’s a new time. It’s a great fuckin day to win a hockey game, beautiful day. Let’s be real, the Dallas Stars bring me so much joy and happiness that I want them to have it right back. I want them to win this Cup so bad that it almost pains me that I just have to sit by and watch. These boys have been through so much horseshit (haha) the past few seasons that they deserve a standing chance to win this Cup. They can do this, they can Do The Thing. I believe in them wholeheartedly.

But if Lady Fate decides next season is ours, then let Tampa have their single asterisk Cup, I want my boys to have one all to themselves- fuck it let them win 3. And I’ll work on making peace with that because me just typing it here isn’t enough to stop me from crying thinking about it but I am with the Dallas Stars- ride or die- and you better be too. The game isn’t over until it’s over so get on the bandwagon now because they’re about to shoot into the sky.

Be loud. Wear green. Go Stars!

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