Boston Pride Championship Banners Hung At Logan International Airport

(Preface: I am from Chicago and have never been to Logan so if I miss-word anything, I’m sorry.)

At Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, there is a small tradition where mini-banners are raised for Championships of the major sports leagues in the city- much like you’d do at their home stadiums. There’s banners for the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Celtics, the Bruins, but something seemed to be missing.

Oh that’s right! The banners of the first franchise in NWHL history to win the Isobel Cup.

With the Isobel Cup in attendance, two banners were added to the wall today. One banner is for the 2016 Isobel Cup Championship – the first Isobel Cup Championship in history. The second banner reads “Champions 2020” as the Isobel Cup was not won this season due to COVID-19.

Pride banners hanging at Boston’s Logan International Airport (Via NWHL)

Ya love to see women’s sports finally get their due – especially from a big sports city such as Boston. Congrats to the Pride for raising the banners today, it’s a great accomplishment for the organization.

The NWHL has grown this off season and they’re going to have a record season all around when we get to play moving forward. Their media team has done really well to grow their socials and expand the fan base during this quarantine so I can’t wait to see what the league has in store for next season in terms or ratings and growth opportunities.

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