Tampa Takes Game 2 But We Got Plenty of Hockey Left To Play

Game 2 of the Dallas Stars/Tampa Bay Lightning went down tonight and I was an emotional wreck. Sure it’s Game 2 we have a 7 game series here but you always want your team to take the lead quick so I was every emotion here tonight. Let’s jump into the game first.

Period 1 was an absolute shit show for the Stars.

It started okay, lots of energy, lots of power but penalties became a thorn in our side real quick. 3 penalties in a row cost the Stars 2 goals off the bat. Then Kevin Shattenkirk added to the Lightning lead and we left the period 0-3.

I was so fucking frustrated I went and took a shower. I needed to be as far away from the TV as possible in that moment or I was going to fight someone. Taking dumbass penalties, especially 3 in a row, is bad for any team and the Stars apparently needed to learn that lesson again. Just last game, their 3rd period was riddled with penalties and they were lucky to get out unscathed. Well all of that luck ran out at the start of the 1st.

The Stars got better in the 2nd period. More power plays for Dallas but only one they cashed in on. Joe Pavelski was the saving grace here with this goal. The effort was there, the shots were there, but nothing was getting it into the back of the net. We saw Grade A chances for Dallas to get within one or even the score and they just couldn’t get the puck there. For the 3rd, their focus was less penalties and more accurate shots.

Both teams stayed out of the box the entire 3rd period. Mr. Mattias Janmark got us within one early in the 3rd period. I saw that coming, he was firing shot after shot on net earlier in the game so he was due. Tampa nearly got another but the goal was completely offsides and called back.

The Stars kicked it up during the later half of the 3rd, they were pushing but nothing could get into the net. Jamie Benn had a fantastic shot that was centimeters from the back of the net.

We lost Game 2 last round and we still came back for Game 3 and dominated. We will do that again. I wanted them to win tonight, obviously, because having a 2-0 lead is better than being tied but we still have time. The pressure is on with Game 3. Last game, the Stars started strong but finished weak and today it was the exact opposite. Now, we need them to bring that all together and have a strong Game 3 to take the 2-1 series lead.

They can’t keep doing this “too little too late” shit and expect good results. Game 3, start fresh, start angry, and get the puck in the net early. Tyler Seguin has to start scoring. I know he’s a streaky player and I’ve been supporting him this whole time but now it’s do or die time. In the 21:43 he played tonight, he had 2 SoG and 5 hits. Next game he HAS to deliver. He needs to fire that puck, he needs to take those chances. Roope Hintz is due, Radulov is due. Plenty of these guys have seen the net tonight but they need to push that extra inch to get it in.

The Stars can do this, you’re not gonna win all 4 in a row to the Cup, even if you did – sweeps are boring. We need the boys going for Game 3. No negativity here though, I am ready to go for Game 3. I believe in these boys and I’m ready to see them do good things on Wednesday. Be loud, wear green, and go Stars.

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