Perri Dowling Is The Dallas Stars Good Luck Charm

Ahh, the NHL Bubble – stacked with some of the best NHL players in this generation, a fierce competition to the Stanley Cup, AND one adorable baby girl.

Dallas Stars forward Justin Dowling was able to be joined in the bubble by his family just recently. His wife Megan and their daughter Perri, who is just 6 months old, have been able to join Dowling and the Stars inside the NHL’s Edmonton Bubble. There has been a bit of trouble getting other players’ families into the Bubble. Some peoples’ families are in Europe or the US so getting into Canada is almost an automatic “no” from the government. Lucky for Dowling and his family, they live in Canada and were just a 3 hour drive apart so Meg and Perri were able to drive up to the Edmonton Bubble.

The NHL did a little interview with them about life in the Bubble (see tweet above). Let me just say that the video is just the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. It must be a breath of fresh air to see other human beings besides your teammates and other hockey players at this point. And to have it be such an adorable little baby like Perri is even better.

Meg and little Perri have been in the Bubble since Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals – since then, the Stars haven’t lost a game. The team is 4-0 since Meg and Perri have joined the bubble. Therefore, I think the Stars have a new good luck charm. Dowling even took Perri around the locker room to spread some cheer and that is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I think the Stars have the upper hand here with little Perri on their side but tomorrow the fight continues. Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals is on at 7PM CT, let’s hope that the Perri magic keeps goin.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from the video

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