I have no words. I’m just shaking.

The Dallas Stars are going to the Stanley Cup Final. I’m crying on the floor in two Dallas Stars jerseys, a Stars hat, and a Stars blanket. (and a Stars shirt)

Before I get into the screaming and happiness, let’s talk about the game and some sadder moments.

This game looked glum at the start of the 3rd. In the 1st, Chandler Stephenson scored for Vegas to give them a 1-0 lead that remained until the beginning of the 3rd. The Stars opened that period with Grade A chances to score a goal and they ended up turning the puck over to Reilly Smith who got it in the back of the net. Things were looking rough for Dallas.

But, my ray of sunshine, my guy, Jamie Randolph MotherFuckin’ Benn came to save the day AGAIN.

Jamie scored halfway through the 3rd and suddenly, we were alive once more. Not long after Mr. Elimination Game himself, Joel Kiviranta, got us to an even 2-2 with 4 remaining in the game. I prayed and sent every good vibe to the universe that this would end in OT but in true Dallas Stars fashion – OT.

I was a mixed bag of emotion heading into OT. The Stars have gone 4-0 in OT this post season before tonight’s began so I should have had an edge of confidence but you never know. I’m always preaching “you’ve done it before, you can do it again” but my other saying is “it ain’t over until it’s over” so until that goal is scored or the clock hits 0 – anything can happen, it’s anyone’s game. And tonight, it was Dallas’.

Denis Gurianov, light of my life (said I’d name my first kid after him), is once again the Savoir of the Dallas Stars. 3:36 into OT, on the power play, Denis fired a shot and there it went! Past Lehner and into the back of the net, next thing we know, we’re headed to the Stanley Cup final for the first time in 20 years.

It’s been like an hour and I’m still in shambles. We did it. I knew we could and we pulled through and I am so proud of every single one of those guys.

First off two things before I dive into what’s next.

I feel for Zach Whitecloud. He’s a good kid, I loved him on the Wolves in the AHL and it absolutely sucks that his penalty ended with this. You gotta imagine that it’s a lot to carry when that happens so I hope he’s alright. Also good job Vegas, you put up a good fight but sometimes the stats are wrong.

Also with the alleged racial slur that was heard, I’m waiting for a confirmed story before I say much. I feel like I’ve read 40 tweets all saying different things, all contradicting one another, so I will be waiting until they pull actual audio on that. If someone did say that they I don’t give a fuck who it is, they need to be punished, there is no room for that shit in this league. If it was someone saying “ugly mutt” to Carrier or “ugly butt”, then people need to confirm what the fuck they hear before tweeting. This is something that needs to be taken seriously and shooting off conflicting reports isn’t a good idea. If “mutt” was directed at Reaves they whoever said it needs to be sat for sure, if it was Carrier that could have been an insult to his appearance. I know Andrew Shaw was called “mutt” by his teammates because he looks like a scrappy ugly puppy. I’ve been called “mutt” by my friends before. Overall, I think that the guy tweeting out these quotes needs to get his shit straight before he does firing off tweets. Like Morgan Reilly with the alleged f-slur last season, let’s wait until we hear it. I think the league will pull any mic’d audio and we’ll have our answer in a day or two.

Anyway, onto the next round. Onto the STANLEY CUP FINAL. It’s been 20 years since the Stars have seen the Final but I am so fucking ready for this. My grandma, Nanie, is here and she had to sit with me through the highs and lows of this game but she cheered with me when we won it. I am going to make her sit through the Stanley Cup Final with me because I’m a superstitious little shit. But now we have some waiting time. The Stars will be off until the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lighting decide their series. I just said last night that I am out on the Islanders, no matter how much that sucks for Dallas. I’d rather we have them in the Final than the Lightning with a possible healthy Stamkos.

Alas, time will tell. Tomorrow night could be the deciding factor unless the Isles kick it into gear. As for me, I’m going to just burst into tears of joy every day. We really did it. The team that went 1-7-1 to start the year, the team that went into the break 0-4-2, this fucking team is in the Stanley Cup Final and I couldn’t be more proud. Sleep tight (if you can) Stars fans, love y’all. 4 wins, one series, Go Stars.


EDIT: I know, I forgot the title the first time. I’m an excited dumbass.

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