We Are 1 Win Away From the Stanley Cup Final

Head empty, no thoughts, only Monday night.

The Dallas Stars are 1 win away from the Stanley Cup Final. They’re currently leading the Vegas Golden Knights 3-1 in the Western Conference Final. I am on another-

*P L A N E T*

If you remember the other night when I was through the ROOF about Dallas, now I an in orbit, good luck getting me back to Earth. This Game 4 was electric. Sure, we started off a bit rough but the overall first period saw very little scoring chances on either side and nothing came out of it. That second period though- that’s where it gets hot.

Of course Vegas opened the scoring with a goal from Alec Martinez. I’m also a Blackhawks fan and that guy’s OT goal eliminated us in the playoffs one season (2014?) so he can fuck right off. It’s great to see Dallas gave that same exact energy back. Joe Pavelski got us tied up at 1 with a goal 11:34 into the 2nd period. Then Jamie Benn, my boy, my guy, my duuuuude, got the Stars the lead with just 59 seconds remaining in the 2nd period.

I could watch him shoot the puck all day. Not only has Jamie Been ALIGHT the past 2 games but he ended Dallas’s power play drought against the Knights. He was all over the ice tonight again and I love it. Vegas did try to get something in that 3rd period but Dallas stayed strong. Even when the Stars were on a 5-on-3 penalty kill, they stayed strong and I, for one, was flabbergasted. No goals came in that 3rd so the final score of Game 4 was 2-1 with Big D the victory.

The whole team was working their asses off tonight (Khudobin’s words, not mine) and would you look at they it paid off.

You know who else I saw working his ass off: Tyler Seguin. Tyler has been scoreless- I know that, you know that, he knows that. But he’s still been showing up and putting in the work. Tonight alone, Tyler put in 21:32 with 3 hits, 1 blocked shot, and 1 takeaway- I bet if I looked up his Corsi for% it would play in his favor. I know that he’s been hesitant, he hasn’t been shooting the puck; maybe it’s nerves over hitting the post or making a turnover but has soon as he starts firing that puck again, it’s over for you bitches. Until then I don’t wanna hear shit from you, Twitter.

Now, onto the Star of the show: Anton fuckin Khudobin. When I tell you that Anton can have anything he wants in life, I mean it. I think I’ve promised him my first born kid like 3 times now but #WorthIt. This man has been on his head for Dallas all playoffs and I have no idea where I’d be without him. Here is a look at some stats from this beast:

If Bowness even tries to start Bishop in Game 5, I’m firing him.

Here is a problem: we got pretty banged up this game. Cogliano was back but Corey Perry, Roope Hintz, and Esa Lindell all took nasty hits/shots throughout the game that were worrying. Perry got knocked on his ass my Alex Tuch and he hit his head off the ice, he went down the tunnel for a second before coming back out on the ice. Lindell took a blasted shot off his inner knee and limped back to the bench. It was more of a stinger than anything permanent and he was back before the end of the game. Roope, sweet golden Roope, on the other hand took a few rough hits before leaving in the late 1st period. Here are 2 of the hits, meanwhile the 2nd one is when he hopped off the ice and disappeared.

Hopefully Roope isn’t too banged up and he’ll be back next game but Vegas was big and angry this game so I can’t imagine how they’ll be in Game 5. Vegas is fighting to stay alive but Dallas has all the power in their hands. They’re leading this series, they’re got the momentum, and they’re not giving into Vegas’ little mind game. The last 2 teams Vegas played – Chicago and Vancouver – kinda let them roll all over their team. They let Vegas get in their heads and they paid the price with it. That’s not Dallas, they’re just as strong as Vegas and they don’t let you get in their head so easily. We’ve been hearing all playoffs about things the Vegas bench has said, well they’ve apparently been preeeetty quiet this series.

Give Dallas their due, they’ve been the underdog in every series so far and they’ve battled back to win. I’m sick of people on Twitter just shitting themselves over how Vegas is “statistically better” – well they’re not playing like it. Just accept the fact that Dallas is a good hockey team and your precious stats don’t mean everything. The Avs were most peoples pick to win the Cup – look what happened. Most people said Vegas in 4- look what happened. So please, for the love of all that is good and holy:

****𝓢𝓱𝓾𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 𝓾𝓹****

(apologies to my family for all the swearing in this one but at this point y’all know this is just who I am)

ANYWAY! Monday night we got Game 5, 7PM CT (probs), and I’m fired up for this. I believe this team can do it. I’m a heavy believer in the phrase “you’ve done it before, you can do it again” and this game is as simple as that. You’ve played with these stakes before, you can do it again. You’ve won before, you can do it again. 1 game, 60 minutes, heads up, hearts full, can’t fucking lose. Let’s go, Stars! You’ve done it before, you can do it again!

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