Big Bad Benn Is Back And I Have SO Much Hope That It Scares Me

Inject this Jamie Benn straight into my veins. I have no idea how you’d do that but find a damn way because this guy – holy shit. THIS is the Jamie Benn that got me into the Dallas Stars. This Jamie Benn who is protective, dominant, and aggressive, that’s the one I found highlights of all that time ago and have been going to battle for ever since. Sure, that Benn has been hard to find at times but I knew he’d come back to us.

It’s the protective captain you’d go to bat for. Well Jamie was out there looking out for his boy Tyler Seguin when Tuch made this bullshit hit on Tyler. Ya love to see teammates sticking up for one another.

He wasn’t just crushing Knights on the ice, he was getting himself onto the score sheet as well. Overall, Jamie had 2 points tonight (a goal and assist on Rads overtime GWG) with 6 shots on net, 5 hits, and 15:22 minutes played. His physicality and scoring always seems to evoke energy from his teammates. When we have Big Bad Jamie Benn, the other Dallas Stars match that energy. And that Bad Boys of Dallas energy is exactly what we need to win the next 2 games and slay the Knights.

I have so much faith in this team it hurts. I’m living off this win tonight because I am absolutely ride of die for the Dallas Stars. They have the power and the skill to take out Vegas and they’re (hopefully) realizing that now. Just 2 games they have to win to move on. No Nathan MacKinnon this time, no Sidney Crosby, no Alex Ovechkin, no mother fucker standing in their way. Their biggest threat is Vegas’ goaltenders and themselves. Of Vegas’ scorers, I’m most worried about Tuch and Theodore – that’s about it. The Stars are stacked, they’re deadly but they need to start playing more like it. No more randomly becoming dead fish and looking like you’re belly up out there, this is your time so fucking take it.

I absolutely hate getting my hopes up but the Dallas Stars are 2 wins away from the Stanley Cup final and 6 wins away from the Cup. If I have to live with that realization, so do you. Maybe it’s because when I get this into something, I need to feel like I have some form of control over it but I wish like hell that I could literally tell them all this to their faces. They can fucking do this and I know that they can. Win Saturday and win Monday – then we’ll worry about after. Right now, we’re not fucking going home.

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