It’s Worth Repeating: Kucherov Is So Damn Clutch

10 seconds left in the 3rd, tie game in the playoffs, who do you put in? Nikita Kucherov better be who you just said. Doesn’t matter time, doesn’t matter place, Kucherov is so damn clutch. Kuch gets kinda hidden out in Tampa but he’s been an All-Star for a while. In his 7 year NHL career, he’s put up 547 regular season points (221G 326A) in 515 games.

In the past 3 seasons he’s really taken off. In 2017-18 he put up 100 points (39G 61A) in 80 games. Then 2018-19 he jumped to 128 points (41G 87A) in 82 games and had the most points in the NHL. In the 18-19 season alone, Kuch won the Hart trophy, the Pearson trophy, AND the Art Ross trophy.

This season -although cut short- I think he would have passed 128. He had 85 points (33G 52A) in 68 games. Now, he’s been on fire all playoffs. So far he has 17 points in 15 games. Tonight, he once again proved himself in front of the league with a goal just 8 seconds before the Lightning and Islanders headed to overtime.

He just proves time and time again that he’s one of the best players in the NHL right now. It’s either insane goals or unbelievable sequences coming out of this guy every damn night. Kucherov has got the “clutch gene” running through his veins. He’s the guy you want out there when you need just a fucking chance to win it and with how him and his team are playing, I think they could keep the ball rolling and make it to the Stanley Cup Final.

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