Little Known Fact: Scoring Goals Is The Key To Winning Hockey Games

The Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights are now tied in a 1-1 series after Vegas’ victory tonight. Just the other day, Dallas beat Vegas 1-0 and now, it’s the Stars who have been shutout in the 2nd game. This, weirdly enough, happened earlier in the playoffs where both teams shut each other out in Games 1&2 – that was between Columbus and Toronto. Other than these two instances, it’s actually pretty rare. It does drive home the – what seems to be – little known fact that when you score you win hockey games. (Please pick up the heavy sarcasm here.)

Rather than deep diving into game 2, let’s focus on the next game for Dallas. I kinda feel like with Game 3, we’re gonna be starting from scratch. Like the series is tied up at 1-1, you’ve both been shutout, no one really has the upper hand here. I think on Thursday, the Stars will have their heads back on straight and they’ll be able to reign it back in. Although Dobby gave up 3, he’s not the problem here. If it were Jake Oettinger (congrats on the debut btw) starting in net tonight, he could have gave up 5 or 6. Dobby is a wall for Dallas but sometimes, shit hits the fan, it happens. But goal tending, once again, is not the thorn in Dallas’ side.

On top of that, I want to see them play their gritty, powerful game again. Good things happen when you push to the net – the Stars have seen a lot of success when they get those rebounds and drive the puck deep. Vegas out shot them but not by much. In Game 3 (and on), I think that will be their key to success – stop trying to be something your not and play the game you know best.

Once again, I’m not all that worried just yet. It was Game 2, we weren’t gonna win all 8 in a row to the Cup. Let’s clear our heads, wash this out, and start fresh Thursday.

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