A Thank You Letter to John Klingberg, Playoff Savior for the Dallas Stars

Dear Swedish Hockey God John Klingberg,

I would be in an insane asylum without you. Love you, bb.

Love, Shortman Hams

John Klingberg has once again scored a crucial goal in the playoffs for the Dallas Stars. To start Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, Klinger got Dallas started early with the first goal in the series.

Knowing Dallas, they need confidence early otherwise they’re an absolute shitshow. There is still time left to play in this game (the 3rd is starting now) but I like the start the Stars had. They’re aggressive, they’re lively – it’s the start I have been wanting to see from them this game. In the 2nd period, they hit a small wall – giving up some good chances and taking more penalties – but there is still time. They need to take control of their chances and maybe add another to just secure the lead. They need to play like Klinger. He’s an Ace on the ice, he’s not afraid to hit, he’s smart with the puck, that’s what Dallas needs in this 3rd Period. Dallas is in a good place, I’m loving what I’m seeing from them against the Knights, let’s keep it goin! I’m manifesting a Jamie Benn goal (or fight). Let’s go Stars!

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