And Then There Were 4…

Both teams I was rooting for to make it to the final 4 were just eliminated withing 24 hours of each other. Never ask me for betting advise (unless it’s horses).

The Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers have been eliminated from the NHL playoffs thus leaving us with the final 4 teams in the Conference Finals. It sucks to see both the Canucks and Flyers go out so shitty. They’re both really good, young teams that I could have seen going a bit further. I mean they both came back from a 3-1 deficit and forced Game 7’s. Not to mention but had such dynamos for goalies, I would have loved to seen that match up. Yet their downfall, as many others this Bubble Playoff, have been their hesitation to shoot the damn puck.

Now, the Bubble has been twiddled down to just 1 Hub city and 4 teams. In the West, we have the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights. In the East, it will be the Tampa Bay Lightning versus the New York Islanders.

If you know anything about me, you know the Dallas Stars own my ass so of course I have them going all the way to the Stanley Cup. As for the series between the Stars and Vegas, it’s going to be a battle. Every game there are going to be heavy hits and close calls so I think this will be the series to watch. As for the east, I’m gonna have to look more into that series to know who is gonna win because I don’t really pay attention to either team out there. But both Dallas and the Islanders haven’t been in the Conference finals for at least a decade so they have something big to prove here. The NHL hasn’t dropped the full schedule yet but check by morning and it’ll be there.

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