Get on the bandwagon now kids. ALL THE WAY TO THE. WESTERN. CONFERENCE. FINALS.

Dallas Stars beat the Colorado Avalanche in Round 2, Game 7 OT to advance onto the Western Conference Finals, the first time Dallas has done so since 2008. I’m absolutely shaking. I was a debby downer after Game 6, I’ll admit that but I knew we could fucking do it. And we did it!! I wouldn’t have pinned Joel Kiviranta as the MVP of this game but that’s the beauty of hockey baby, you never know what’s gonna happen.

Give it up for the Avs tho, they put up a hell of a series. I mean they came back from a 3-1 deficit, forced a game 7 and then took it all the way to OT. I’ve been beating the same drum all season that the Avs were who I had as Cup winners but they don’t play like themselves when they’re missing Landeskog, Johnson, both their starting goalies, and countless other players. Sure the Avs played wounded most of the season but you hit a point where the boat tips.

Also fucking shutout to Nathan MacKinnon. The kid put the team on his back, he was setting records out there with Gretzky and now he’s going home. I wish he was able to keep going because can you imagine where he could have gone from here? Either way, great season to you Avalanche, I’m sad to see you go – I am on Avs fan as well but the Stars outweigh them in my heart.

Anyway, back to the party.

Onto the next round. Dallas will either play Vancouver or Vegas, depending on who wins their Game 7 tonight. I’ve been favoring Vancouver – I think they’re a creative team and fun to watch. Plus if we play them, it will be Benn vs Benn. On the other hand if it’s Vegas, that’s gonna be a heavy series. Both Dallas and Vegas are heavy hitting teams and when you put this much on the line, there is only gonna be more energy. In the end, go Vancouver and go Philly in the other conference.

For now, I’m gonna finish my dinner and scream about the Stars to my family. 8 more wins to the Stanley Cup – sure I’m getting ahead of myself but I have hope in my heart. Time to celebrate and prepare tomorrow. We’re gonna need the boys fresh, we’re gonna need them alive. They have a day or two off so just take that time and rest up.

Let’s keep it goin baby.

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