NHL Players Stand Together as One

We will not be seeing NHL hockey the next two days as the players have come together and decided to protest the games in wake of the unjust shooting of Jacob Blake.

Last night, we saw hundreds, if not thousands, of athletes from various sports and leagues postpone their games in protest. The NHL, per usual when it comes to the topic of social justice, was all words and no action. The league said they would have 7 seconds of “reflection” during both their games last night but they didn’t even do that. The game between the Bruins and Lightning had 7 seconds of silence while the Stars and Avs game had nothing at all.

Yesterday, I felt once again disappointed in the NHL for thinking their empty words were good enough. I’ve talked on my little website here about how the NHL, as an organization, just continues to disappoint me. I think Scott Burnside wrote a really good article talking about how upsetting it was to once again watch the NHL fall short.

Well today, that chanced when the players took control. Today, the players of the NHL have announced that they will not be playing games the next two days in protest of the racial injustice in America. In the Western conference hotel, the press conference was filled with player from all four teams. Although they’re rivals on the ice they stood as one today.

The video also doesn’t do the full room justice:

From wall to wall, players from various walks of life were there to give their support to those leading the press conference and speaking up. That’s what the NHL needs. They can’t keep letting the weight of social justice fall just onto the shoulders of the players of colour.

Evander Kane, co-head of the HDA, went on NBCSN to talk more in detail about what the Hockey Diversity Alliance wants to see chance in the hockey world:

I support the HDA and their fight to make hockey a safer, more welcoming, and diverse place. I hope that the NHL will sign the pledge with them to make hockey more inclusive. Today was a big day.

And for the people being all “I’m done with [insert major sports league here]” because said league’s players are taking a stand: fuck off, we don’t want your racist ass anyway. Hope the door slams you on your flat ass on your way out.

I’m a white queer person, if you didn’t know that. I want to offer my support to black hockey fans everywhere. If I ever say anything that’s rude or wrong- call me out on it. I want to help as best I can and I know I’m still learning myself so please tell me if I’m out of place or have upset you. I sometimes struggle to put the right words in order so I might come off as silent or uncaring about a topic, such as last night, but I fully support what the players- not just in the NHL, in the WNBA, NBA, MLB, MSL- are doing right now.

Have a good night/day. Remember Black Lives Matter and basic human rights are not up for debate or political.

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