I Don’t Even Want To Talk About the NHL Right Now so Let’s Look at Some Adorable Pet TikToks

I’m going to be crystal clear here. I am running on just 3 hours of sleep in 38 hours. I’m so damn disappointed in the NHL and their empty response to players boycotting games. I want to get into it and talk about it but I do not have the brain power to put forth anything right now. I didn’t watch hockey tonight and I hope y’all didn’t too but in the morning, we’ll get into it. For now, let’s just take a step back. Let’s relax and get out of our heads. My TikTok is full of adorable little animals so I thought I’d help us both by sharing some of my favorites here.

First we have cuddle buddies 🙂

Okay a lot of these are cats cuddling because that shit is adorable.

I literally have upwards of 100 TikToks saved on my phone for times when I need them and this felt like one. Tomorrow is a new day to start fresh. I want the NHL to figure their shit out. I love hockey but this league just constantly is leaving fans alienated and disappointed. I won’t get into it now because I want to read more about what players are saying before I make a comment but I stand with Black Lives Matter. Anyway, goodnight y’all, sleep tight. Or good morning if you see this tomorrow. Either way, if anyone wants more pet TikToks let me know.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from a video above

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