Antoine Roussel and Ryan Reaves Are Gonna Throw Hands At Least Once in this Series

Ain’t no way we’re making it through this Vancouver/Vegas series without at least one fight between Antoine Roussel and Ryan Reaves. Game One is a little over half way over and the “Hand-Throwing” energy is already quite high between them.

Before the game, Rous was stirring up chaos along center ice. He’s always been good at getting into guys heads so of course he was going to try and do that here. Then halfway through the first period, Reaves seemed to try and start a fight off the face off with Roussel. Rous seemed to have no interest in fighting Reaves then. Just about a minute later while the bench, Reaves starts clucking at Rous like a chicken (turn up the audio on that tweet).

Both of them are known for their scraps and being instigators, there is no way they don’t butt heads at least once. It’s currently the 2nd intermission in this game so who knows is they end up going at it before the final horn. This is the energy you want to see in the playoffs, guys are angry and they’re ready to do what it takes to get their teammates going. Without a single doubt, within this series, these two are gonna throw hands. Bet on it.

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