Good News: Mike Milbury is Out Of The Bubble

Adios, ya rat, we won’t miss you.

The NHL doesn’t need the distraction of this idiot making commentary that no one wants to hear. I think Katie Strang had a perfect response to Milbury in her Athletic article. She talked about the multiple insistence where Milbury has made these casual sexist (and heteronormative) comments and it’s appalling. Women in the sports industry already have it hard enough without these comments, without this old man widdling us down to just a “distraction”. This guy has made an asshat out of the league in his time as an ‘analysis’. He’s been a straight up misogynist pig with his comments and I don’t want to hear or care for anything he has to say. I was mad when he said that the empty stadium looked like a “women’s game”. I was mad about his comments regarding Jake Muzzin’s injury. And trust me I was infuriated by his “distraction” comment.

You wanna see the game grow? Tell this guy to go kick rocks and get an analysis who is actually good at their job. Get someone who doesn’t make young girls watching the game feel like they don’t matter. There is a number of talented people who deserve this job better than someone like washed-up Mike Milbury.

In the words of John Tortorella:

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