Vancouver Snuff Blues, Off to Round 2

The Vancouver Canucks have knocked out the St. Louis Blues and Round 2 of the playoffs is set to begin.

Yesterday, we saw the Dallas Stars knock the Calgary Flames, and the Washington Capitals were sent packing by the New York Islanders. Earlier today, the Philadelphia Flyers took out the Montreal Canadians (as I predicted yesterday). And to close it all up, the Canucks shut down the Blues in Game 6 of their series tonight.

The Canucks came out like a tsunami! The team put up 4 goals in the first period alone and an additional two in the 3rd, meanwhile the Blues only got two on the board. Binnington’s pads were made of Swiss cheese- not just during this game, his whole time in the bubble. Allen came in after the Canuck’s storm of 4 goals. But then with 8:25 left in the 3rd, the Blues pulled their goalie.

The Canucks were the team I’ve been wanting to win. I like how well they work as a team and the skill they have there – plus I’m a petty Chicagoan who hates the Blues. The Canucks will be facing Vegas in the next round. Meanwhile here are the other series that will be played in Round 2:

This is gonna be some goooood hockey. I’m excited to see the Bruins face the Tampa Bay Lighting. They’re both teams who have been “so close to winning” for a while so there will be a lot of anger there. I’m also excited to see more Canucks games, they’re a fun team to watch. Lastly, I love both the Avs and Stars so I will be crying inside all of that series. No matter what, I’ll cry.

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