Brendan Gallagher Leaves The Bubble With A Broken Jaw. Pain.

Well the Canadiens vs Flyers series got kicked up a notch just last night. The Habs were on the brink elimination but a fiery battle and victory forced a Game 6 on this series. Flyers still lead the series 3-2 but they’re gonna have to face the Canadiens at least once more. The difference is, the Canadiens are going to be without the fire and blood of their team.

Last night this nasty hit on Gallagher occurred (watch it in the tweet above) and from it Gally was left with a bloodied broken jaw. Regardless of what you say on the hit, I think it’s a bad hit. He goes low to hit Gallagher and the stick goes right to Gallagher’s jaw/neck. It was a dumb idea but I don’t think it was intentional that Niskanen broke Gally’s jaw. My guess is at least a one game suspension.

As for Gallagher, he’s done for the time being. He’s leaving the bubble to go have surgery on the jaw. IF the Canadiens can somehow flip this series, I honestly think he’d be back for the next round if the trainers let him. Breaking your jaw can take a while to heal, in some cases you have to have it wired shut for a bit. But Gallagher is a certified Hockey Guy and I think if there was even a change of the league saying “You can come back BUT-” he’d take that chance regardless of what he’s have to do.

This does pose a problem for the Canadiens now because, IMO, Gallagher is their life source. Whose the guy who is always up in everyone’s business and starting scraps? Gally. Whose the guy whose got enough anger to rally the team up? Gally. Whose the one that has been with this team through the ups and downs and still managed to put them on his back when need be? Oh, Gally. Also, who is the guy that was still chirping, smiling, and playing with a broken jaw last night? Gally!

Gally is a guy you want to rally behind and fight for – it’s why I like him so much as a player- so without him, I don’t think the Canadiens will have time to stop the bleeding and force a Game 7. It’s a waiting game if the NHL will suspend or fine Niskanen, there’s gotta be something coming. For now, Game 6 is set for 6 PM CT tomorrow (Aug. 21st) so be sure to tune in and keep up with that series.

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Featured Image: This Tweet but edited by me

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