Blackhawks Season Comes To An End

Well the Blackhawks season has come to an end and I for one, as you can expect, am heartbroken. I had a hope that we could pull through and make it to the next round but alas, diamonds don’t last forever. The Hawks lost in a 4-3 game against the Vegas Golden Knights about 30 minutes ago. I have a lot of emotions going on, I’m still going through the five stages of grief here. As angry and sad as I am, I’m still super fucking proud of this team. I mean everyone at the beginning of the year laughed at the Hawks, said we weren’t making playoffs. Well look where we got to. If the season continued like normal, I would have bet money that we would make a wildcard spot. This season was so much different than last season and that showed in these playoffs. Now I’m gonna rapid fire go through what I’m thinking but it is definitely not everything I wanna say.

First of all, congrats to Adam Boqvist, Kirby Dach, and Dominik Kubalik on such awesome rookie seasons. Dach and Kubalik were game changers at times and they really showed where this team is heading. Boqvist did solid, especially under Keith’s wing. Did he have a rough turnover tonight? Yeah, but overall I think he did good this season. I’m fuckin proud of them. Without those rookies we would have never even made this playoff. Now go get that Calder Kubs.

Stan Bowman, if you don’t resign Dylan Strome, you’re fired. By me. Don’t care if I’m not your boss, I’ll make it fucking happen. He sputtered a bit this year but so did Brinksy, so did Saad. He was still 5th on scoring with the team. So help me God(s), he better be resigned with this team next season.

I tried. I tried. And I tried to give Nylander the benefit of the doubt here. All season. I wanted him to be how he was in game 1 against Edmonton but I can’t just write it off and hope for the best anymore. If the Hawks and him part ways this summer, so be it.

Also, drop Colliton, I’m sick of this. I don’t care who we get as long as it’s not Mike Babcock or Rick Bowness, just get someone else behind the bench. We’ve seen enough and I wish to no longer see it. Get a guy who has a bit more experience here.

Lastly, Corey Crawford don’t you blame yourself for a single second baby. I hate to think that Crow could be out of Chicago but we really fucking owe this guy. Through 2 Cups and unbelievable comebacks, he’s been there, giving us his all. I hope this isn’t goodbye but ya never know. All I know is that the city of Chicago owes Crow a lot.

Now it’s late and I am too sad to sort through every emotion I have about the game right now but this is my first thoughts coming off the loss. Feel free to debate about it with me on Twitter. All I know for certain right now is that I am proud of this team. Who knows what next season will bring but I got a good feeling about it. People laughed in our face before this year but look at us now. We made it farther than half their teams did. I’m proud of my boys and although this stings, we’re gonna be okay.

And even if we lost, screw you Cue Chelsea.

Oh and here are the Hawks gifs I made this year and some never got tweeted so enjoy:

Okay I’m pointing out this one because the shield took FOREVER to change colours and mask so enjoy this especially

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