Capitals Narrowly Avoid Sweep

The Islanders had the chance to send the the Caps packing today but Ovi and his boys decided that this wasn’t their time to go.

Despite the Isles coming out strong with goals from Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Mathew Barzal in the 1st period, they let in 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd and 3rd that washed their sweep-streak. Evgeny Kuznetsov scored the first goal for the Caps in the 2nd period. Meanwhile, Ovi sealed the deal with two goals: one on the PP in the 2nd and another clapper early in the 3rd. The Caps have been desperate for a win for a while. They have been floundering like dead fish their last 3 games- most of the time they couldn’t score and left Holtby out to dry. They have been without Nicklas Backstrom since earlier in this series and it is still unknown if he’ll be back for the next game.

They’re a team with a lot more talent than that so it’s been frustrating to watch them play like they lost their heads. I’m not even a fan so I can’t imagine how it feels if you are. Alas, some teams have been able to come back from being down 0-3 in the series and flip the tides. Game 5 will happen Thursday, it’s another win-or-go-home for Washington and it’ll be the same situation if the Caps can force a game 6 and 7. Do I think it’s possible? Yes. Do I think the Caps can suddenly find the consistency to do it? Personally… no. Even with a saving grace today, they had to rely on the big guys to get it done. To really turn it around and comeback, you need everyone on board and I don’t think the Caps can do that. They could totally win Game 5 and force 6 but to completely come from behind, I don’t have my full faith in that.

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Featured Image: ESPN

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