Avalanche Take No Prisoners In 7-1 Victory Over Arizona

I sometimes forget how much fun watching the Colorado Avalanche is. Two of my main teams are the Hawks and Stars so I get stressed during their games because I never know what to expect from those teams on the ice. But without fail, every time, the Colorado Avalanche are an absolute delight to watch. 

Example A: Today.

The Avs shitkicked the Arizona Coyotes today. The Avs scored 7 goals and only allowed one goal against. They had 6 different goal scorers: Matt Nieto, Nazem Kadri (2), Joonas Donskoi, Cale Makar, Matt Calvert, and Mikko Rantanen. Both of Kadri’s goals came on the power play. As salty as I am was about the Tyson Barrie trade, I absolutely love Kadri on the Avs. He’s just been electric from the jump.

Not to mention, Cale Makar is a damn wizard. Look at this goal he scored at the start of the 3rd. Kid is gonna be a millionaire in 3 years’ time.

The game also had animosity as you can see from the tweet up there. Cale Makar, sweet rookie d-man who has never done a thing wrong in his life, was cross-checked into the boards by Arizona’s Crouse in the 3rd period. Well, Captain Landeskog and Nate MacKinnon did not take kindly to that. Nate proceeded to rag-doll Christian Fischer. I knew Nate MacKinnon was an absolute unit but dear God(s), the man pulls Fischer around like he weighs nothing. It’s insane. Either way – atta-fuckin-boy Nate! Ya love to see the boys sticking up for one another. Landy got right into that mix as well but I kinda lost him in the chaos. Not to mention, the Avs scored right after that with a shot from Erik Johnson (credited to Mikko tho).

I’ve been saying it all season but this is the team I have winning the Cup and they’ve shown time and time again that they not only have the skill to do it but the comradery as well. Look at any team that has won the Cup in the past however long. They always say that the locker room morale is “All for one and one for all”. Well, Nate Mac just dummied Fischer for his rookie, I’d say these boys are fighting for one another. Get on the Avs wagon now because they’re gonna go far this Cup Run. Game 5 is Wednesday at 4:30PM CT. I think the Avs are gonna end it there and send the Yotes home.

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